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What restrictions apply if I register my 49cc bike as a motorcycle?

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 Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2006 6:19 pm

With the shift in insurance rates (to be effective March 7 2007), motoscooter rates will be much closer to moped rates. Many owners of moped-class bikes are wondering what restrictions apply to registering their 49cc bike as a motoscooter (a type of motorcycle).

In addition to changing the registration you would have to possess a valid Class 6 license to ride your newly classified machine. Once you have taken care of this, the following considerations apply:

Performance Modifications
Once insured and registered as a motorscooter < 100cc there are no inherent restrictions on modifications (provided the bike remains street legal and could pass a safety inspection...signals, horn...etc.). Of course, if you were to modify the bike to an engine size of 100cc or greater, you'd need to insure in the appropriate class.

Where can you ride?
There are no inherent resitrictions on where you can ride it, however, there is a clause in the highway traffic act that restricts you from "impeding traffic" (generally this is interpreted as riding 30 km/hr under the limit in normal conditions).

We recommend that you DO NOT take a 49cc bike on an extended ride on high-speed roadways > 80km/hr even if you plan on riding on the shoulder. Doing so would place you at risk of an accident.

Other Restrictions
You will of course need a class 6 license. The graduated class 6 license system will place a series of restrictions that are gradually lifted. These range from restricting when you can ride (no riding after sunset for a period of time), zero alcohol blood level, no passengers ...etc. These are restrictions that apply to all motorcycle-class bikes (i.e., nothing special for motorscooters).

Can you use your scooter for your Class 6 License Road Test?
Legally, you should be allowed to use your motorscooter-registerd 49cc bike for your test (after all it is legally a motorcycle).

We were able to confirm, by phone, with the testing division that you may use a 49cc bike for your road test. You will need to show the stub/paperwork from your registration/insurance that shows the bike classified as a motorscooter/motorcycle.

Inquire well in advance of booking and get confirmation that you can use it for your road test and check once again at the time you book your test.

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