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We petition the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba to ammend the Highway Traffic Act as follows:
1. Amend the definition of moped under the Highway Traffic Act to:
  • Set the top speed to 70km/hr, harmonizing it with Transport Canada ’s Definition;
  • Add “automatic transmission” to the defining characteristics;
  • Add a maximum dry weight of 95 kilograms to the definition.
2. Remove Section 184 which permits the carrying of infants on a moped.
3. Remove Section 111 which requires mopeds to ride against the curb or on the shoulder of a roadway under certain conditions.
4. Amend Section 184(6) to allow carrying of passengers on mopeds provided that (1) the moped is equipped by the original manufacturer to carry a passenger and (2) the driver of the moped has a valid and unrestricted Class 6 Motorcycle License.
5. Apply any and all restrictions which are part of the Graduated Class 5 licensing system to moped-class vehicles.
6. Require that Vehicle Safety Certifications be required for registration of mopeds upon sale/transfer of ownership similar to the process required for motorcycles and other vehicle classes.
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Agreement: I support this petition, noting any exceptions above, and certify that I am a resident of the Province of Manitoba. I acknowledge that my name and address will be submitted to the Manitoba Legislature as part of the petition.

The full background and rationale for this petition is available in the document below:


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